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... is to promote true hip-hop culture in its purest form; bringing back the essence of the movement into gaming through tabletop hip hop. In doing so, we plan on helping the community and making a commitment to promoting social awareness through good gaming. 


Welcome to the world of “Legend of the Cipher: The Game of Hip-hop" (LOC), a hybrid realm we've merged together to form the first TCG experience based on what's real in hip-hop.


LOC provides you with all the elements you need to role-play the career of a professional emcee (MC), in the pursuit of legendary status, skills, and success. By emulating the entrepreneurial dynamics of the hip hop music industry, faithfully representing the culture, and enjoining players to rap every turn, LOC balances the demands of an entrepreneur with those of an artist. As the original concept in tabletop hip-hop, LOC allows players to enjoy quality gaming while incorporating hip-hop's competitive rhyme skills with ciphers and battles every turn.


We're proud to promote hip-hop cultural awareness, as well as an understanding of how to do business in the hip-hop music industry. LOC also works beautifully as a tool for educators, fostering fundamentals like math, reading, & poetry. LOC was developed with the purists in mind, to accentuate positivity in hip-hop while being suitable for all ages, and we've taken great care to balance play for gamers and heads alike.

LOC's vision of hip-hop stays true to the foundation upon which it was built. We focus on beats, rhymes, & game play, to help you... #FindYourVoice.

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